donna sullivan art

Donna SullivanDonna Sullivan has worked as a graphic designer in MA and NH since 1995. Her education is a lifelong process made up mostly from self study. True to her graphic design background, Donna believes that art is about communication. "When I can express my vision in such a way that others understand what I'm 'saying', then I have succeeded."

"I love the mystery of creating art electronically. There really is no media, just my ideas and some software. My work is truly immaterial, remaining a digital file until I make a print." The end result is imaginative, sometimes abstract, subject matter that comes to life in richly colored pigment ink prints. In addition to gallery exhibitions and inclusion in private collections, Donna’s designs have been featured on posters for Friends of the Arts and Pemi Choral Society.

Donna lives in Plymouth, NH with her husband Brian. Her full time, everyday, bread & butter life revolves around their business, Sullivan + Wolf Design. they collaborate on designs for web sites, logos, brochures, stationery packages, posters, ads and archival photo enlargements.

She recently opened a yoga studio, Blissful Lotus Yoga, in downtown Plymouth. "I've studied and practiced yoga for the past five years. I'm fortunate now to be able to share and teach yoga to the community."

For more information on her art cards, digital paintings, or design work, email